£20,000 For Mr Hall

On 4th December 2014 Mr Hall was in Ikea in the food court.

Due to Ikea failing to carry out a relevant system of cleaning within the food court our client has stepped on a chip causing her to fall to the floor.  As a result of this our client suffered a jarring injury to the neck and back with pain radiating down into both legs, as well as a jarring injury to the right hand and wrist.Ikea

The claim was commenced initially within the personal injury portal but Ikea did not respond within the set timeframe.  They subsequently then admitted liability.

A medical report was obtained and whilst our client had some back problems prior to the accident the expert attributed 40% – 60% of the ongoing back issues to the accident.

The medical evidence was disclosed to the insurers and they put forward an offer of settlement in the sum of £5,000.00 which was considered to be far too low for the injury that our client sustained.  Legal proceedings were commenced and a Defence was filed putting the Claimant to proof in relation to the injuries that she sustained.

An offer was then made in the sum of £20,000.00 which our client accepted in full and final settlement of her claim.

Had legal proceedings not been commenced it is unlikely that the insurance company would have made an appropriate settlement offer in relation to the claim.

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