£3,000 Awarded To DHL Employee

£3,000 awarded to a client who had to resume to his role as a delivery driver for DHL, despite suffering from Carpel Tunnel Syndrome which had recently been operated on. DHL were made aware of our client’s condition and the pain that he suffered in his wrists, yet they failed to manage his return to work effectively by implementing their own phased return to work plan, advised by their occupational health team.

After only a brief period of lighter duties, our client had to return to his normal role without any additional support or training. DHL failed to recognise that our client used a different lifting technique following his operation, due to the pressure placed on his vulnerable wrists. Due to the negligence of his employers, our client suffered from an acceleration injury to his left wrist.

Thanks to the work carried out by our Zaynab Awan and Martin Littler of Cobden House Chambers, the case was settled within 10months and our client was awarded £3000 in compensation for his injuries.

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