£3,000 For Lady Who Received Negligent Dental Treatment

Sue Andrew was on a plane on the way to Tenerife when one of her dental crowns fell out from one of her back molar teeth. The crown had been inserted by a dentist back in the UK, 2-3 years previous to it falling out. Upon arrival in Tenerife, Mrs Andrew visited a private dentist to place the crown back on.

The private dentist took an imprint of the tooth in order to get the crown made. He told Mrs Andrew that before the new crown could be fitted, the area in the mouth had to be cleaned. As the dentist began to clean the tooth, there was a strong smell and he informed Mrs Andrew that he had found a piece of cotton (similar to a cotton bud) underneath her tooth. In fact, he found that the root canals underneath the tooth had all become infected with pus.

The dentist told Mrs Andrew that she had two options. He could repair the tooth or remove it, although he would have to investigate further to decide which option would be best. After investigating, the dentist decided that in fact, the tooth could not be repaired and that there was no choice but to remove the entire tooth immediately. The tooth was therefore removed and eight sutures were put in place.

Mrs Andrew spent the rest of her holiday in Tenerife in pain and had to take a course of antibiotics to fight the infection. What should have been a fun, family holiday on an all-inclusive resort was ruined for Mrs Andrew as she was unable to eat and drink with the rest of her family or take part in many of the activities she had been looking forward to. Due to the negligence of her dentist in the UK, Mrs Andrew suffered unnecessary pain, lost all enjoyment of her holiday and had to pay for the cost of private dental treatment whilst in Tenerife. Fortunately the dentist recognised the pain and distress caused to Mrs Andrew and a settled was agreed in the sum of £3,000 thanks to the work carried out by Hannah Bottomley at Express Solicitors.

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