£3,608.30 Awarded to Disabled Client After an Accident at a Holiday Park

Our client was involved in an accident whilst she was at a holiday camp in the UK. The holiday camp had disabled facilities which was why it was chosen by our client.

Our client was leaving a chalet at the holiday camp to go for a meal and was using a walker frame with wheels. As she went along a pathway she fell as the walker caught in the difference in levels between the path and the flowerbed.

Our client unfortunately suffered from some nasty facial injuries.

Liability for the accident was denied by the holiday park and legal proceedings were commenced.

Our client was elderly and did not want to attend a trial so an offer was made to try and tempt the Defendant to resolve matters without the need for a trial. The offer suggested by Express Solicitors was not accepted and we were repeatedly told that the Defendant had no intention of settling this claim.

The matter proceeded to a trial and a Judge heard all the evidence and found our client in favour and awarded a total the sum of £3,608.30. This compensation amount included an uplift due to us beating our previous offers to settle the case.

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