£4,000 Awarded to Gym User After Collision on Running Track

Mrs Sarah Garland has been awarded £4,000 after she was hit by a runner at her local gym which caused damage to her back, left hand and shoulder.

On the day of her accident, Mrs Garland had finished her usual workout in the gym and was making her way to the toilet which was situated on the first floor of the gym. The toilets were located in a small alcove down a corridor that is also occupied by a running track, with an approximate 12 inch gap between the wall and the track.

As she was exiting the toilets, Mrs Garland pulled the door open towards her and stepped out into the main gym area when she was hit by a lady who had been running round the track and sprinting very close to the alcove.

Mrs Garland was hit on her right side and hit her left shoulder and hand on the wall. As she attempted to steady herself, the runner lost her balance and fell into Mrs Garland again, which caused her to hit her shoulder for a second time and fall to the ground where she banged her head.

An ambulance was called and Mrs Garland was taken to the local hospital as her blood pressure had become very high. At the hospital, Mrs Garland was sent for a CT scan, checked over and prescribed painkillers.

Mrs Garland sustained injuries to her lower back, shoulder and still experiences pain in her hip and shoulder on a daily basis, as well as in her head and hand from time to time. As a result of the accident, she has developed arthritis in her hand and would require help around the house from her daughter and daughter-in-law.

Mrs Garland’s accident could have easily been avoided if the toilets had been situated somewhere safer, or if there had been signs warning users to be aware of runners on the track as the running track had been built in a dangerous place where injuries could easily occur. Thanks to the hard work of Sarah Mawdsley, Mrs Garland succeeded in her claim and was awarded £4,000 in compensation.

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