£4,055.00 after faulty gas meter installation

Miss Dellin a Mother of 1 has been awarded £4,055.00 in compensation following an accident in June 2015. Miss Dellin lived in rented accommodation and had a gas metre fitted. She was advised that there would be a smell of gas for a few hours. The following morning our client awoke experiencing a headache and her son vomiting. Our client contacted the gas company and they confirmed a gas leak within the gas metre. There was a further 2 gas leaks exposing our client to gas before the issue was resolved.Jennifer Lutton

The company who fitted the gas metre accepted they were to blame for the gas leak. Medical evidence was obtained for Miss Dellin and an offer was made to the Defendant in the sum of £4,055.00 which was accepted by the Defendant in full and final settlement of the claim.

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