£5,000 Awarded to Teenager After She Was Injured on Theme Park Ride

A teenage girl has been awarded £5,000 after her foot became trapped in a theme park ride and she suffered serious ligament damage.

Melissa Bartlet had been visiting a theme park with two of her friends when her parents received a phone call telling them that Melissa had been involved in an accident on one of the rides. When they arrived at the park, they were informed that Melissa’s foot had got caught when she tried to get off the waltzer ride. As Melissa tried to step away, the ride moved and dragged her across the ground by her foot.

There was only one attendant supervising the ride and although people should be helped off the ride, the attendant was letting riders get out themselves. As Melissa and her friends had lifted the safety bar themselves, the cart had not locked in place.

Melissa’s parents drove Melissa to the hospital where her left foot was x-rayed. Although there were no breaks, she had sustained severe damage to her ligaments. Her foot was strapped up and she was given crutches to use.

The next day Mrs Bartlet rang the theme park and spoke to a Manager. He informed her that the ride attendant had told him that he been on his way to lift their bar when she exited with her friends and that she had tripped whilst walking past another cart, both of which were untrue. He also implied that the blame was Melissa’s claiming her and her friends had been “playing music and being loud”.

Melissa did not return to school for a week, and was unable to place weight on her left foot for two weeks. It took several weeks for the swelling and bruising to go down.

Melissa’s accident could have been avoided if the attendant had followed the correct safety procedures and helped the girls out of the ride safely.

Thanks to the hard work of Leanne Rowley, Assistant Solicitor at Express Solicitors, Melissa was awarded £5,000 in compensation.

If you have suffered an accident or injury at a theme park that was through no fault of your own, you may be entitled to financial compensation. For free legal advice from a member of our team and help making your claim, call us today on 0845 456 4007

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