£5,000 Awarded To Man After Pavement Trip

Paul Bakewell from Didsbury has been awarded £5,000 in compensation after a pavement trip left him with back and ankle pain, as well as permanent scarring to his face.

It was a Friday evening when Mr Bakewell went to watch the Sale Sharks rugby team with his friends. After the match Mr Bakewell was given a lift by one of his friends to the Woodstock Pub on Mersey Road where he consumed just one pint of alcohol. Since it was a nice evening, Mr Bakewell decided to walk home as he didn’t live too far from the pub.

After he had walked for approximately 15-20yards, Mr Bakewell’s foot fell into a deep hole in the pavement and he fell over hitting the right side of his head on a wall as he tripped. The hole in the pavement was 8×6 inches wide and was about 1.5 inches deep. Immediately after Mr Bakewell tripped he felt dazed, he then began to feel blood running into his eye and noticed that his glasses had fallen off and were smashed on the floor.

Mr Bakewell sat himself up and walked home as he wasn’t too far away from where he lived. When he got home, Mr Bakewell washed his face clean and looked in the mirror where he noticed that the frame on his glasses had smashed and part of it had gone into his cheek, cutting and bruising it badly.

Upon awakening the next day, Mr Bakewell noticed that he had blood on his pillow but he didn’t feel like driving to the hospital yet as he thought he’d see how he went on.

A few days after his pavement trip, Mr Bakewell went to visit Specsavers to get some new glasses. The staff at Specsavers took Mr Bakewell to Altrincham Hospital Accident & Emergency department after seeing how bruised and swollen his face had become. At the hospital a consultant checked Mr Bakewell over and advised him to visit his GP.

Due to lack of appointments available at his local surgery Mr Bakewell spoke to his GP over the phone. Mr Bakewell told the doctor about his injuries, and was advised by the doctor that he should be fine now that he has been checked over by a consultant at the hospital.

When asked about the condition of the road Mr Bakewell commented: “I would describe the condition of the road as terrible and at the time of my accident there were a lot of holes. The actual road is okay but the pavement is in very poor condition. I would score it 1 out of 10.”

The cut on Mr Bakewell’s face healed after a couple of months but it has left a scar. Mr Bakewell also suffers from intermittent neck pain as well as on-going pain in his lower back.

Since the accident Mr Bakewell has been unable to carry out his usual leisure activities such as going to the gym or training for triathlons which he used to do 5 times a week. He has also been unable to play golf and suffers from aggravated neck and back pain if he does household chores such as vacuuming.

Thanks to the work by Trainee Solicitor, Jonathan Flattery at Express Solicitors, Mr Bakewell has been awarded £5,000 in compensation for his injuries. Manchester City Council has been found liable for this accident since if the pot hole was not on the pavement Mr Bakewell would not have tripped over and sustained the injuries that he has done. It is the responsibility of local councils to ensure that all pavements are free from obstructions or pot holes that could cause danger and harm to pedestrians, and in this instance Manchester City Council failed in their duty to do this.

If you have suffered from a slip or trip in public that was through no fault of your own, you may be entitled to financial compensation. For free legal advice from a Public Liability solicitor and help with making your claim, call Express Solicitors on 0800 158 5274.

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