£5,220 Won For Recycling Plant Employee After A Nasty Accident At Work

Mr Jonathan Myers, a 36year old man from Cardiff has been awarded £5,220 after getting injured whilst at work on a material recycling plant. Mr Myers was picking items from a conveyor belt when he picked up a jagged piece of glass. With the glass in his left hand he reached over his right arm to pick up something else. In doing so, the jagged edge of the glass caught the top of his right forearm, scraping his skin and causing it to bleed. Mr Myers noticed blood and that a piece of skin was missing from his forearm. The cut to his forearm was 5cm long and 4-5mm deep.

Although Mr Myers had been provided with safety gloves they only went up to his wrist. There had previously been some complaints at the plant about the adequacy of the protective gloves, which often tore; this caused Mr Myers concern since there were needles on the conveyor belt as well as glass and metal items. Mr Myers had been given manual handling training but didn’t receive any training of how to use the conveyor belt which he had no previous experience with.

The conveyor belt had also been operating at top speed at the time of the accident. This had been complained about before too. The management team were not interested in this type of complaint and instructed that employees were not allowed to change the speed of the conveyor belt.

Furthermore, Mr Myers had been issued with protective sleeves about 1 year before the accident took place. However, these were soon withdrawn by management as they thought protective sleeves were not necessary. Mr Myers believes that this was because they were costly.

It is because of these reasons; Mr Myers suffered a serious injury to his forearm. Consequently, it can be pointed out that the material recycling plant had ultimately failed in their duty as employers to maintain the safety of the workplace by not providing appropriate personal protective equipment and running an inadequate system.

For anybody who has an accident in the workplace (that was through no fault of their own) the Workplace Regulations 1992 apply. These regulations require all employers to provide a safe working environment, free from obstructions, defects or substances that could cause somebody to become injured.

Thanks to the work carried out by Express Solicitors, Mr Myers has been awarded £5,220 in compensation for the pain and suffering sustained from the injury.

If you have been injured at work and it was not your fault please contact us today to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist Employers Liability Solicitor.

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