£6,815 for an accident at work

Miss McManus was involved in an accident at work after she slipped and fell on a number of ring binder files which had been left strewn across the floor. As she fell sideways to the floor she suffered injuries to her neck and back and shoulder. Having knocked a shelf on the way down, our client was also hit by falling boxes which had fallen from the shelf.

The matter was notified to the Defendant’s Employers’ Liability insurer who ignored the claim for a period of time and eventually we were able to secure an admission of liability for our client. Once liability was admitted we were able to finalise our Miss McManus’ evidence to establish medical causation, to prove that the injuries she suffered were a direct result of our client’s accident.

Fortunately Miss McManus had recovered from her injuries within 7 months and the medical expert was able to confirm that she had sustained an intrusive straining injury to her shoulder and a musculoligamentous strain to her lumbar spine; giving a prognosis period they believed would be reasonable in the circumstances.

An offer was made in the sum of £5,215.20 which was deemed to be too low as we were able to accurately value our Miss McManus’ claim on the basis of the medical report. We eventually obtained a settlement for Miss McManus in the sum of £6,815.20.

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