£7,500 compensation after Barbed wire accident.

A 5 year old boy has been awarded £7,500.00 in compensation after he cut his head on loose barbwire fencing resulting in a permanent scar to his forehead

Master S had gone with his family to Osterley Park in Middlesex. Master S was running and playing in the grounds when he came into contact with loose barbwire hanging off a metal fence cutting his forehead. The loose barbwire had been attached to the fence to try and repair it as one of the bars was broken. He was in a huge amount of pain and was bleeding profusely. He was taken straight to hospital where the laceration was glued and taped.Jonathan

The wound healed but left a permanent scar 35 millimetres long. He also experienced situational anxiety and psychological symptoms.

Express Solicitors initiated the claim against the Defendant who failed to provide any liability decision within the requisite timeframes. As such Express Solicitors commenced legal proceedings against the Defendant but the Defendant still failed to respond. Express Solicitors then requested judgment due to the Defendant’s failure which was granted by the Court in the Claimant’s favour. The Defendant then instructed Solicitors to deal with the matter and settlement was reached in the sum of £7,500.00.

This is a case where a young boy who had gone out for a fun day with his family has unfortunately been left with a permanent scar to his forehead which could have easily been avoided had the Defendant not used barbwire to help repair a fence. The Defendant’s action in failing to deal with the claim appropriately and admit liability resulted in a considerable delay in the Claimant’s claim, but demonstrates the extra length Express Solicitors are prepared to go to seek compensation for their clients.

Thanks to the hard work of Jonathan Flattery, Associate Solicitor at Express Solicitors, Master S’s was awarded £7,500.00.

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