£7,575.12 Awarded to Client Involved in an Accident at Work

Our client was involved in an accident at work in March 2015. He was employed as a delivery driver, and on the day of the incident was at the premises of a customer. The incident was caused by the employer’s provision of defective equipment, in this case his lorry itself.

Our client had finished his delivery and was attempting to close the roller door at the back of his trailer. As he did so, the bottom of the roller door broke away, and hit our client in the face.

The case was passed to Ryan Gledhill in our specialist Employer’s Liability Department.

Following our allegations that the Defendant had negligently failed to ensure that work equipment was “maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair”, the Defendant Insurers were quick to admit liability for the accident.

Our client suffered a scar to the bridge of his nose of 2cm in length, which is clearly visible. Aside from the pain, our client was very conscious of the very prominent scarring now on his face.

Upon being examined by a specialist Accident & Emergency expert, the client’s scar was said to be permanent, and was unable to be improved by any surgical procedure.

Upon researching the Judicial Guidelines governing value of scarring injuries, in order to qualify for ‘Significant Scarring’, it is for the Claimant to prove that the scars in question ‘remain visible at conversational distances’. Thankfully, our client had kept a good log of photographs of the progression of the injury, so we were able to prove to the Defendant that the injury was to be categorised in this bracket.

After a speedy negotiations process, a settlement was agreed in the sum of £7,575.12.

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