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Well, life in the marketing department of a large personal injury law firm has been interesting, hectic and diverse over the past few months. With offers and proposals coming in thick and fast it’s almost felt like standing in a fruit and veg market before a stall of various fruits and vegetables and everybody shouting their best price to sell you their wares. The number of new marketing schemes and initiatives that have passed by my desk, screen, phone have almost sent me dizzy.

I’ve taken my time to look at each and every scheme/initiative all of which on the surface claimed to be the answer to my prayers. Then you start to read what they require from you, the cost per month which has ranged from £2,000 a month all the way up to £40,000 a month, and with minimum terms ranging from 3 months to 12 months subscription. Each of these claiming they can send me pre-vetted claims from simple road traffic accidents all the way through to serious brain injuries. Unfortunately when you start to dig deeper and start asking seriously probing questions or gain any sort of guarantee on their numbers they’ll fall back on the stock answer of “well as you are aware we are not allowed to give any guarantees on numbers as that would breach the referral code”. So, I am supposed to take a punt of anything from £6,000 through to £480,000 on something that I have no guarantees or any sort of commitment that this will work. It’s amazing how these figures divided by the number of claims/enquiries they say they can send me always comes to roughly the same figure of £500 per enquiry!

Then we start looking at the internet and pay per click. It seems that in the months leading up to April cost of terms on paper click were not just going up on a daily basis but an hourly basis as the world attempted to stock the filing cabinets with as many claims as they could, this started to become ridiculous. Post April the cost of some of these terms is reduced whilst others have remained the same and some have gone even higher. If we look at the terms surrounding a road traffic accident/whiplash these have not only  stayed the same but in most cases have actually increased meaning that to be in position one, two, or three the cost per click has been anywhere between£ 40 and £60. Now some people will say what’s cheap, but in reality 1-Click does not mean one case, the reality is with the conversion rate being so low on these types of cases a converted case could cost you between £2,500 and £3,000. So for your £2,500 simple road traffic accident that goes through the portal you recover £500. This to me is business suicide but some people seem hell-bent on doing this like lemmings on a cliff.

Then we come to all the other weird and wonderful ideas that marketing companies want to try and sell us. From advertising on the backs of hospital appointment cards GP surgeries and taking stands in shopping precincts. Now don’t get me wrong, these can work but at a cost please don’t expect just because your advertising in a local hospital on a TV screen that you’re suddenly going to be inundated with claims it’s just not going to happen as to the shopping precincts while it has its merits I’ve done it in the past with average success in so long as the dry weather stays with us I plan to do it again in the next two months.

So the burning question is as I stand here gazing and all the various fruits and vegetables that sat on the personal-injury market stall what do I spend my money on? Because next to the personal-injury market stall is a man with a suitcase on a couple of pieces of wood shouting all about social media now most law firms play at this play badly. This is a serious marketplace that should be looked at in a serious manner we’ve all heard of Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn not forgetting the new kid on the block Google+ nearly all of them have been discounted as fads and great ways for the marketing people to waste time looking around chatting to their friends and suchlike. But, this is an integral part of any marketing strategy and should be given the same serious thought, time, effort and resource that the mainstream marketing initiatives have as it can prove fruitful in this modern age.

In conclusion, what I would suggest is that you look at everything, analyse it and see if it fits within the model of your business make sure you have the correct blend of all the different fruits and vegetables in your marketing bag and hope that the bag doesn’t split on your way home and everything comes out bruised.

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