Accident Law Change Leads to Less Compensation

On the 1st of April, legislation came into force meaning that an injured party can no longer keep 100% of the compensation they gain from a successful claim.

Back in 2010, a review took place by Lord Justice Jackson to prevent ‘spurious’ claims from reaching the courts. His solution for this was to ensure that a claimant would have to pay up to 25% of the compensation they are entitled to back to their solicitor.

This replaces a system where the fees were recovered from the losing side and means that solicitors can no longer offer 100% of the compensation to the claimant.

To make up for this, compensation amounts will be inflated by 10% – however, as shown by the graphic below, this still means that the claimant loses out:

The Truth

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<a href=”″><img src=”” alt=”Accident Law Change Leads to Less Compensation” width=”630″ /></a>         <p>Injury compensation has changed as of the 1st of April 2013. Find out more <a href=”″>here</a>.</p>

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