Baker receives £80,000 for back injury caused by repetitive and awkward lifting

A Baker who made frequent complaints to his employer about the nature of his work and the awkward and heavy lifting involved has been awarded £80,000 after sustaining a tear to his lower back.

Mr Jones was employed as a Baker in a busy production role which required him to frequently work without appropriate breaks, under pressure and without sufficient staff numbers to deal with the demand of product required.  In addition to lifting racks of product into and out of a large proofer oven Mr Jones also had to lift bakery trays in and out of smaller ovens which resulted in him having to adopt an awkward posture which put pressure on his lower back.images4

Following a particularly difficult shift Mr Jones began to feel pain in his lower back and down into his legs. He reported his symptoms and attended his GP where he was then signed off sick.

Unfortunately for Mr Jones shortly after going off sick his employer terminated his contract of employment putting Mr Jones under extreme financial pressure as he was unable to work due to his injury.

Mr Jones’s injury therefore caused him difficulty in finding alternative employment of a physical nature and with the help of Express Solicitors Mr Jones was able to obtain compensation that not only reflected an award for his physical injuries and financial losses but also the fact that his injury would put him at a disadvantage to others whilst looking for similar work.

Express Solicitors made sure that when looking to maximise and secure the best possible settlement for Mr Jones it was important to not only look at how the injury had affected Mr Jones in the past but also how it may affect him in the future ensuring that the settlement took this into account.

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