Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority : A Guide

If you have been the victim of a violent crime, Express Solicitors are able to assist you with an application to the CICA. This is a government run Scheme aimed to compensate those who have suffered an injury as the result of an incident.

However, unlike other claims, there are strict rules that must be abided by in order to succeed:

Date of the incident

Usual claims for compensation rely on a three year limitation period. The CICA advise that any application made must be done so within two years of the incident. Meaning clients have a shorter period of time to lodge their claim.

In certain circumstances, the CICA will allow for out of time submissions. This can range from reasons due to the extent of your injury to your age at the time of the incident. If you are unsure as to whether you are still within time, please contact Express Solicitors to discuss this further.

Co-operation with the Police

In order for your CICA claim to be successful, the Scheme requires you to have co-operated as far as resonably possible with the Police, otherwise they may fail your application.

Previous convictions

Another requirement is for the applicant to have no unspent convictions at the time of making your application, or during the process. Not all of these will result in an outright rejection, as some will merely impose a reduction on any award made. Express Solicitors are able to advise you whether a conviction will be deemed spent, as well as any reduction or risk you may have while dealing with your claim.

The Tariff of injuries

The CICA will not make an award of compensation for your injuries if they do not fall within the ‘tariff of injuries’ which is a key part of the Scheme. This can often be a complicated part of the process, as applying for the correct injuries can be the difference between a rejected application or an award.

Instructing Express Solicitors to act on your behalf will not only allow careful management of your claim, we will also be able to calculate the likely award you are able to receive, as well as advise what injuries you are able to claim for.

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