Defective Equipment In The All Night Gym Causes Accident

The burgeoning lowprice 24hour gym industry seems the perfect fit for a society wanting to look great keep fit but do so at an affordable price and at their own convenience. Whereas gym memberships were once a luxury they are now the norm with many national gym chains expanding to meet demand.
While any trend which promotes healthy living must be applauded the worry is with rapid expansion of the all night and often unsupervised gym chains health and safety may take a back seat to profit. Typically large in size these types of gyms are able to offer cheap membership rates while making a profit due to economies of scale.
They also have small overheads with an online registration process and eschew the traditional onetoone induction process. Very few members of staff are employed and they are not staffed during late night periods.
As a result problems with equipment can go unreported and unnoticed leading to members sustaining injury. This was the case with one of my clients from the midlands a twenty year old male who suffered an eye injury while working out at his local gym.
Using what is colloquially known as an ‘EZ’ bar to exercise his arms one part broke off and destabilised the equipment causing it to travel upwards and strike him forcefully above his right eye. He suffered a deep gash and it has left a permanent scar of 12 centimetres.
The company that owns the gym has admitted liability and we bringing an occupier’s liability case after their defective equipment caused a serious gym injury.
If you have suffered personal injury in a gym caused by defective equipment please contact us today to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist Occupiers’ Liability solicitor.
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