But what if, during all of this, you have also sadly been diagnosed with cancer or another life threatening illness?

Covid has meant that our fantastic NHS are stretched to the limits. But whilst the NHS response to the crisis has been incredible, was this at the detriment of those with cancer and other life-threatening conditions?

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, many hospitals and other service providers changed their normal operations to focus on patients with the virus. This meant that many essential treatments for patients ceased, surgical procedures were put on hold and screening and tests were cancelled.

The physical and psychological impact of an avoidable delay can have a significant and serious impact on the patient’s mental and physical wellbeing and cannot be under-estimated.

But is it possible to claim compensation for the physical and psychological injury caused as a direct result of the unreasonable delay to surgery and/or treatment?

Every case is different and will be considered on its individual circumstances.

The question is was the amount of time taken between diagnosis and commencement of treatment unreasonable in all the circumstances? Did that prolonged period of time cause an unnecessary and preventable psychological injury to a patient already in mental turmoil due to his or her diagnosis?

A claim may include:-

  • The pain, suffering and psychological impact caused by the delay and uncertainty
  • Loss of earnings and pension
  • The cost of care and household assistance during those additional months of physical and psychological suffering

If the delay was through no fault of your own you may be entitled to seek compensation for the distress, pain and suffering caused. If you would like more advice or assistance relating to a delay in treatment due to Covid please contact our specialist lawyers.