DePuy Hip Implants, Toxic & Dangerous

DePuy, a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson, are a manufacturer of metal-on-metal hip replacements. Yet, despite the company knowing that this was a potentially dangerous product, they continued marketing it to British patients for 3 years.

DePuy allegedly had data to show that 12-13% of hip implants were failing after only two and a half years. This failure rate is double the industry average and the hip replacements should in fact last up to 15 years. It was a staggering 3 years after DePuy were initially made aware of the potential dangers, that they eventually stopped production due to the mounting evidence.

The DePuy metal-on-metal hip implants, known as an ASR device, pose serious health concerns when they begin to deteriorate prematurely. As they do so, small parts of toxic metal debris can be released into the patient’s bloodstream. This toxic metal within the bloodstream can cause inflammation; bone and tissue damage, and in severe cases, blood poisoning and benign tumours.  Some of the devices can even come loose and fail completely, which means that the bone around the implant can fracture.

Over 10,000 patients were fitted with the DePuy implants, and hundreds are now having new alternative replacements fitted. This is despite DePuy allegedly being continually warned by surgeons about their impact. On the 1st February 2013, it was reported in The Daily Telegraph, that a leading British surgeon warned in emails to an executive of the manufacturer that patients were suffering.

Since DePuy were repeatedly warned about the impact of the implants on British patients, it seems just that any patients who have suffered since, should be awarded compensation.

Express Solicitors, can help to pursue compensation on your behalf if you have suffered as a result of a DePuy hip implant. We are currently handling a number of hip-implant cases, and have a specialist department that has experience and expertise with this type of claim.

Not only does Express Solicitors handle hip-replacement claims, they also handle many other ‘medical device’ cases. This may be regards to a faulty product (e.g. PIP breast implants) or a poorly carried out medical procedure.

If you would like to speak to a specialist Medical Implant Solicitor from our Medical Negligence Department please don’t hesitate to contact Express Solicitors on 0800 158 5274. 

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