Don’t Forget To Sound Off For Justice

Interesting to learn that the coalition government are fast tracking legislation that will disadvantage the most poor and vulnerable in society should they seek recompense for an injury that wasn’t their fault.

Cuts In Legal Aid Will Deny Thousands Access To Justice

As Managing Partner James Maxey recently blogged Ken Clarke’s proposals to make cuts in Legal Aid will reduce access to justice for many people. It will mean only the very wealthy in society will be able to afford to seek compensation in tricky high risk cases such as those involving medical negligence.
In a move normally reserved for acts regarding issues of terrorism and national security the government is attempting to fastrack the legistration through parliament with a second reading of the Legal Aid Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill scheduled for today just eight days before it was originally laid before Parliament!

Sound Off For Justice Campaign Petition

Many are alarmed by this move including The Law Society’s Richard Miller : ‘why did the Government breach Parliamentary protocol by holding a second reading the week after the publication of the bill? How does Parliament do its job properly when not given time to do so?
It’s still not too late to make your voice heard so if you haven’t already done so then I urge you to get behind the Sound Off For Justice campaign. Legal professionals those directly affected by the cuts or anyone who has a passing concern for the rights of many would do well to add their name to the petition.
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