Dramatic Injuries Bring Workplace Safety Issue To Forefront

I’ve noticed a lot of recent media attention devoted to Mrs. Sudesh Bala’s accident of October 2010 which occurred at her workplace of ten years Shobha UK. She was badly injured sustaining severe burns to her back groin and buttocks when she fell into an industrialsized cooking pot full of chicken curry. Mrs. Bala is undertaking legal action against her employer alleging that she had not had sufficient health and safety training.

Most Workplace Accidents Escape Press Coverage

The unusual dramatic element to her accident involving the large cooking pot is surely what piqued people’s interest but the sad reality is that thousands of individuals suffer injuries at work every week in the UK.
Thousands of workers are at continued risk of accidents through poor health and safety practises and the risk will only be increased due to the government’s changes to industry watchdog Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Huge cuts of 35% have been announced which will mean fewer and less rigorous inspections across all industry.
Sadly this may in turn lead to businesses cutting corners where health and safety is concerned as firms bid to protect and maximise profit in times of difficult economic growth. Workers deserve a safe environment regardless of economic conditions and HSE cuts may compromise safety.

Proper Enforcement Of Health And Safety Law Is Essential

The UK’s health and safety record is the envy of the developed world but our Health and Safety law cannot continue to protect the public without rigorous enforcement through inspection and penalisation. 
If you have sustained an injury at work which wasn’t your fault please contact us today to discuss your claim with a specialist Employer’s Liability Solicitor.
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