Elderly Woman’s Fight Against Shopping Centre Pays Off

I’m delighted to report that we recently secured a fair compensation package for an elderly lady involved in an accident in a shopping centre. The woman from Bournemouth in her seventies slipped on an orangecoloured liquid that had been spilt.
The shopping centre was clearly at fault having not provided adequate signage or made an attempt to clear the mess up. The fall caused severe bruising to her buttocks and upper legs so after consulting with her family she decided to instruct Express Solicitors to seek recompense from the shopping centre.

Elderly Lady Suffers Severe Bruising In Fall

After initial contact with the firm’s insurers we were very surprised at their conduct. They made a derisory offer of just 1000pounds compensation. A very low offer indeed considering our client was of advanced years so a longer recovery time and greater impact upon mobility was to be expected.
But surprising also because the offer came before our client had had any medical examination. They clearly wanted to settle the matter quickly and audaciously thought our client would take any paltry amount on offer.
Pleasingly our client took our advice to reject the offer. We arranged for her to see a specialist who compiled a detailed report on her injuries. The specialist also anticipated it would be six months before a full recovery six months during which our client’s quality of life was to suffer.

Express Solicitors Almost Quadruples Initial Offer Of Compensation

In light of the medical report we were able to secure of fair compensation package of over 3700pounds a sum fair greater than the insurer’s initial offer.
If you have suffered an injury that was not your fault please contact us today to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist Occupier’s Liability Solicitor.
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