£12,500 for an accident in a Hospital

Mrs Hampson was a 58 year old nurse working at the Royal Leamington Spa Rehabilitation Hospital when she was involved in an accident at work.

The accident came about as a result of Mrs Hampson being required to assist a patient with personal care.  Mrs Hampson was left on her own to observe and assist the patient whilst her colleagues left the room in order to locate equipment that had been misplaced.  She had to physically support the patient in order to ensure her wellbeing, which was an unsuitable task for one person.  Standard operating procedure states that Mrs Hampson should have had assistance from her colleagues.

Medical evidence was obtained which confirmed that the Mrs Hampson sustained an injury to the left shoulder which had exacerbated a condition that she had suffered from prior to her accident.   The evidence confirmed that the she already had an arthritic condition prior to her accident but that the symptoms of her condition started 2 years earlier than they would have if the accident had not taken place.

Mrs Hampson  also suffered a loss of earnings as a result of requiring surgery on her shoulder.

The NHS denied that they were responsible for Mrs Hampson’s  incident, meaning that Court proceedings were necessary.  Shortly before the matter was due to be heard at Court, negotiations took place in respect of the Mrs Hampson’s case and Express Solicitors were able to agree a settlement in the sum of £12,500.

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