£24,000 compensation after an accident at work

Mr Roeton was a self-employed brick labourer who was working as sub-contractor on a building site in Crewe which was operated by Bloor Homes Limited.  At the time of his accident, Mr Roeton was carrying a concrete block along a scaffold at the top of a two-storey house which was being built. Mr Roeton was walking along the platform when he inadvertently stepped into a gap in the timber boarded floor of the platform, which caused him to lose his balance and to fall forwards.  As he fell to the floor, he put his hands out to save himself, and as he did so the concrete block struck his left hand heavily.  Mr Roeton sustained a nasty crush injury to the index finger of his non-dominant left hand as a consequence.plank

Following his accident, Mr Roeton sought immediate medical attention for his injured hand, attending the Accident and Emergency Department at Leighton Hospital. His wound was cleaned and dressed at the hospital, after which he was discharged.  Mr Roeton’s injury required a prolonged period of dressings to allow the wound time to heal. As a consequence, Mr Roeton was forced to take nearly 3 months off work.  Being self-employed, he was not paid for any of this time off.  During this period of recovery Mr Roeton received a lot of assistance from his partner. She helped with both his personal care and household tasks such as his share of the cooking and cleaning.  When Mr Roeton returned to work in the October following his accident she continued to drive him to and from work until January 2016, which was when he felt fit enough to drive again.crush

Following his accident, Mr Roeton contacted Express Solicitors and we agreed to investigate his claim on his behalf.  We secured a full admission of liability from Bloor Homes limited, and then obtained medical evidence to prove Mr Roeton’s injuries.  We also secured an early advance payment of a proportion of the likely damages, which greatly assisted Mr Roeton in what was a difficult period for him from a financial perspective.

Once the medical evidence was finalised we prepared a schedule setting out Mr Roeton’s financial losses which not only included a claim for his lost earnings, but also a claim for the significant amount of time his partner provided to him in the early stages of his recovery.

We then submitted the schedule to the Insurers of Bloor Homes Limited along with Mr Roeton’s medical evidence with a view to securing an appropriate settlement for Mr Roeton.

After a short period of negotiation between the parties, the Insurer for Bloor Homes Limited made their best offer of settlement in the sum of £7,950.00.  As is so often case, the offer was frankly derisory.

We had placed a value on this case at between £22,500 and £25,000.00 and we therefore recommended to Mr Roeton that he commence formal Court Proceedings against Bloor Homes with a view to the Court assessing the appropriate level of damages to award in the event that Bloor Homes Limited did not meet our valuation of the claim.

Mr Roeton followed our advice and following commencement of the formal Court proceedings against Bloor Homes Limited, we ultimately agreed a settlement with Bloor Homes Limited to settle Mr Roeton’s claim in the global sum of £24,000.00.

Mr Roeton was very happy with the result and the way we had conducted ourselves throughout the litigation process, and we were pleased to see him leave some very kind words for us on Trust Pilot.  You can view his comments here; https://uk.trustpilot.com/reviews/5a6074b86116dd0d647450f5.




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