£4,500 Awarded To Employee After Ice Slip At Work

Mr Richard Slater has been awarded £4,500 after he slipped on an icy walkway at work that had not been gritted.

On the day of his accident, Mr Slater was working at a contractor site as a Shuttering Joiner. There had been snowfall for the past few days and the walkways had not been gritted. Although Mr Slater expressed his concerns about the dangerous walkways, he was told that it would be dealt with.

Mr Slater had finished off the construction of wooden shutters and was walking across a designated walkway that had a build-up of ice. He slipped on the ice and fell backwards, grabbing a steel cage as he went to stop himself falling completely onto the ground. As he grabbed the cage, Mr Slater hit his back and right side.

After his accident, Mr Slater took a moment to calm himself and then decided to take a photograph of the area to show that the ice problem had not been dealt with. He also reported the accident to a colleague and filled in the accident book.

After he left, Mr Slater went to see his GP who examined his back and concluded that he had suffered a soft tissue injury. Mr Slater was advised to rest and take painkillers.

Following his accident, Mr Slater felt unwell, his back ached and he required assistance performing everyday tasks as his mobility was restricted. He also experienced pain in his lower back and chest and some bruising across his chest and back.

Mr Slater’s accident could have been avoided if the company had implemented a proper procedure for dealing with snow and ice on the walkways. Thanks to the hard work of Kate Sanderson at Express Solicitors, Mr Slater has been awarded £4,500 in compensation for his injuries. If you have suffered from an injury at work that was through no fault of your own, contact Express Solicitors for free legal advice and help with a potential claim.

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