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Take a quick glance across the blogs and Community Spirit pages of the Express Solicitors website and you’d be forgiven for thinking we’ve all gone a bit fitness crazy! As mentioned last week Trainee Solicitor Victoria Oakley is running the Cardiff halfmarathon in aid of St. David’s Hospice (good luck Vicki!).

Half Marathon In Aid Of Charity

Likewise I’ll be putting my legs through 13 miles of pain at the end of this month when I run the London Run To The Beat halfmarathon on the 25th. Having only competed in 10KM runs before I expect this to be a real challenge but I’m taking comfort in the fact that there will be bands and DJs lining the route.
Apparently I can expect to hear ‘grime in Grenwich dub step down in Docklands rock round Artillery Barracks and hiphop on the Ha Ha Road’ so it promises to be a race with a difference.
My friend and I have decided to run to raise money for the East Africa Drought Appeal as more than 10 million people in East Africa are suffering the worst drought in more than half a century. It has been described as a humanitarian emergency by the United Nations with thousands of men women and children trekking for days in search of water in the stifling heat. 

Millions Affected By Severe Droughts

This firmly puts in perspective any complaints I’ve had about training for the race. All of these people have seen their crops livestock and homes taken as a result of the drought and while the British Government is providing help to 1.3 million people affected more needs to be done. 
Please do think about whether or not you can afford to donate to this most worthy of causes. If you think you can spare any amount no matter how small the easiest way to donate is online here.
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