Express Solicitors secure £181,000 settlement for HGV Driver injured at work.

Mr Rees was injured at work in October 2014 whilst making a delivery as a Driver.

He was required to carry out a delivery of freight to industrial premises in Halifax. During the unloading process Mr Rees was stood inside the trailer securing transport straps to the pallets so that they could then be unloaded safely by a fork lift truck.Forktruck

The fork lift truck being driven by an employee at the industrial premises reversed too quickly causing a pallet and Mr Rees to be pulled off the back of the wagon and onto the forks of the truck.

Mr Rees sustained a number of serious injuries to his left knee, left ankle and left shoulder which required surgery and a long period off work. Mr Rees also suffered from psychological injuries as a result of the near-death experience.

Express Solicitors were instructed early on by Mr Rees shortly after the accident and as a result were able to obtain a quick admission of fault from the company of the fork lift truck driver. This allowed Express Solicitors to then secure a number of payments for Mr Rees to help him with his recovery and treatment whilst he was unable to work.

Express Solicitors ensured that Mr Rees’ injuries were assessed by the correct specialist medical experts to prepare medical reports on his injuries to help him recover the compensation he deserved.

As a result of the accident Mr Rees was unable to continue in his role as a HGV driver and has had to find alternative employment in driving that is more suited to him and the lifelong injuries he now lives with.

Express Solicitors ensured that the compensation Mr Rees received reflected an appropriate level of compensation not only his injuries but also for his past and future financial losses.

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