Five of the Biggest Payouts in Medical Negligence Cases

In the United Kingdom the number of medical negligence claims has been steadily rising. As a testament to that fact, the funds put aside by the NHS to cover liabilities have doubled in the last five years. Some of the biggest payouts have involved medical negligence that resulted in permanent damage to a patient. Below are some of the biggest medical negligence payouts:

1. Maisha Najeeb

Maisha Najeeb, was a victim of a mix-up in the operating room at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital, an incident that left her brain severely damaged. The mix-up involved an accidental injection of glue into her brain after it was mistaken for dye. She consequently became blind in one eye and could only perform limited body movements. Her legs also suffered from spasmic pain and she was confined to a wheelchair. Consequently it was found that she would require life-long care. Her total payout over the course of her lifetime was estimated to amount to over £24 million.

2. Christopher Lines

Christopher Lines was supposed to get medication to help lower the oxygen levels in his blood circulatory system. Instead he got the wrong drugs, which left his brain severely damaged, and consequently he lost the use of his limbs. Having lost the ability to take care of himself he was awarded £2.1 million. Additionally he was awarded annual payments of £ 0.2 million for the rest of his life.

3. Joseph O’Reggio

A resident of Wolverhampton, Joseph ended up with severe brain damage as a result of medical negligence that occurred during his birth. This resulted in learning difficulties as well as cerebral palsy. His family received £6 million from the NHS.

4. Milly Evans

During her birth Milly Evans heart rate was not monitored properly and consequently she ended up with permanent damage that saw her lose the ability to speak and the use of her limbs. She would also need life-long intensive care. The court ordered the NHS to award her family with £5.9 million plus other amounts, which raised the total to £10.8 million.

5. Aaron Edwards

Prior to Aaron Edward’s birth, his mother was medicated to induce labour but the result was that it denied the unborn child oxygen. Aaron survived but he developed severe cerebral palsy. For clinical negligence the Florida House of Representatives in the United States awarded him $31 million (£20.6 million).

While medical negligence can result in permanent life-altering consequences which no amount of money can ever adequately compensate. There’s no denying the fact that by awarding compensation to the affected party it enables them to get the treatment they need for the rest of their life, even though the damage cannot be undone. If you think you or a member of your family have been a victim of medical negligence, don’t hesitate to give us a call and start your claim today.

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