Food poisoning on Holiday

Is there a better feeling that finishing work at 5.30pm the night before you go on a holiday? You are all packed, have your foreign currency and your Lonely Plant guide and some tips from your work friend of places to go (as she has of course been before 4 times). The alarm goes off at an ungodly hour the next day, the taxi arrives, a big breakfast at the airport any away you go! You have waited months for this trip and now it’s finally

There is nothing more that we love than our holidays, a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle for a week or two. How disappointing then when you have an accident abroad or contract food poisoning and you then spend the whole week looking at the four walls of your hotel room.

If you have booked a Package Holiday (which may include the flight, accommodation, transport, food etc) and you have had an accident abroad or contracted food poisoning then we can help. There are UK regulations which mean you can bring your claim here in England against the tour operator and we can act on your behalf, even where it may be the fault of the foreign hotel.beach

Local standards for that country will apply and we have a number of links with foreign experts who can assist in your case to provide reports on the regulations which may apply in that particular country. If you have contracted food poisoning then these local standards reports are not necessary as food is expected to be of a quality that is fit for consumption worldwide.

If you do think you have contracted food poisoning abroad the first things to do is get yourself to a medic, firstly, in the country where you are on holiday and then visit your GP or hospital immediately on return. They will be able to carry out the necessary test to detect the cause of your illness, which is vital if you wish to seek redress from the tour company. If you have contracted food poisoning it is likely others at the hotel have too. If you speak with other holiday makers on your trip, get their names and numbers.

With all incidents abroad, please always report them on site to the tour operator’s representative, ensure they have the full details of what has happened and what your complaint is.

You can recover damages for your pain, suffering and loss of amenity, your loss of enjoyment of the holiday (which may be a large proportion of the cost of the holiday depending when the incident occurred during the trip) as well as your out of pocket expenses and any expensive insurance travel insurance excesses that you may have had to pay.

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