Heartfelt Dowler Letter So Hard To Ignore In No Win No Fee Debate

After a hoard of esteemed politicians social commentators and legal experts spoke out against the government’s proposals to reform the civil litigation system and do away with Conditional Fee Agreements (CFA)  so did the charities. Childrens charities abuse victims charities the brain injury charity Headway the homeless charity Shelter and so on and so on all lending their support to the Sound Of For Justice Campaign after realising that should the Jackson reforms go unopposed then access to justice for the most vulnerable and needy in our society will be a mere pipe dream.

Dowler Family Explain To PM The Value Of No Win No Fee

Latterly the family of murdered schoolgirl Millie Dowler have lobbied the government personally writing to David Cameron directly explaining how their courageous pursuit of justice in the News Of The World phone hacking case could not have been done without CFA. You can read the Dowler’s persuasive emotional letter

Dear Prime Minister

I thought that we should write regarding our meeting with you.  I am sure that you will read reports that our cases have been settled out of Court.

What we want to make clear to you is that we could not have done this without a “no win no fee” agreement.  At our first meeting with our lawyer we made it clear to him that we could not afford to pay.  To be fair he had said that he would represent us even if there was no such thing as a CFA, but there was and that is how he could help etc. for this.

The thing that helped was the fact that we would be insured if we lost a case and the premium for the insurance would be taken from the other side if we won.  Without that we would not have been able to start a case or even threaten it.

We were lucky that we fell under that system.  We understand that the new law will attest thousands of people who want to sue News International and other newspapers.  We had understood that you were on the side of the people not the press.  Please do not change the law so that the ability to sue the papers is lost. Although we may have retrieved a sum that meant that the cost of the insurance would have been affordable, most cases finish with settlements that do not cover the cost of insurance and so people will not bother.  We are sure that you do not want to go down in history as the Prime Minister who took rights away from ordinary people so that large companies could print what they like and break the law without being able to challenge them.

Yours sincerely

Sally, Bob and Gemma Dowler

CC Nick Clegg

Deputy Prime minister

Clearly the Dowlers were not out to make some easy cash with this case. Having endured the unimaginable heartache and pain over the abduction and death of their young daughter the NOTW compounded their misery through the use of sick invasive and illegal reporting techniques.

Emotional Letter Brings New Slant To No Win No Fee Debate

No one could argue that they did not deserve to pursue the paper through the courts or that they are part of a mythical socalled compensation culture that Ken Clarke is hell bent on wiping out. The Dowlers have brought a new slant to the legal funding debate and I commend them for their thoughtful actions while they are still very much in the wake of their terrible family tragedy.
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