Heavy-handed Security Policy Causes Injury To Shopper

We recently won at trial an interesting case involving a whiplash victim. The young woman from Leigh Greater Manchester was 18 at the time of the incident and we were instructed to bring a compensation claim on her behalf.
Yet she didn’t sustain her whiplash injury in a road traffic accident as you might expect. Instead she was the victim of some rough treatment from a heavyhanded store security guard.

Store Security Guard Causes Injuries To Client

Our client had been wrongly accused of shoplifting and the security guard really did go over the top after getting her facts wrong. Her approach left her with twelve months soft tissue damage to her neck and back injuries which severely inhibited her ability to work and go about her daily life. Furthermore the traumatic experience left her with psychological and situational anxiety for around seven months after the incident.
To add insult to injury the defendant tried to claim that she merely tapped our client on the shoulder but it was established in court how in fact she swung her round with excessive force to cause the aforementioned injuries. I’m delighted we were able to secure a fair compensation for our client with the court finding the store vicariously liable for the conduct of its employee.

Client Awarded Compensation After Incident In Shop

Our client was awarded a sum of around 3000 pounds As the case was funded by a conditional fee agreement she was entitled to keep 100% of her compensation.
If you have suffered an injury in a shop or on the premises of a private business please contact us today to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist Occupiers’ Liability Solicitor.
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