Heinz Fined 20K Pounds After Serious Factory Accident

Heinz the wellknown baked bean manufacturer has been fined 20000 pounds by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) after pleading guilty to two health and safety offences. It follows an incident at their factory in Wigan Greater Manchester where a 65 year old man injured his hand while operating machinery.
He was making a new metal part for a baked bean packaging machine when the accident happened. The machine was rotating while he was polishing a component with emery cloth and his gloved hand was pulled in.

Worker Loses Index Finger And Suffers Nerve Damage In Accident

The loss of the gentleman’s index finger will fuel the headlines but he also suffered nerves damage to two other fingers and deep cuts to his hand. Obviously such severe injuries to a hand will affect him for the rest of his life.
Shockingly the individual had been employed by Heinz for over twenty years yet received no refresher training on health and safety procedures during this time. For a company which employs 32500 people and makes an annual turnover of 700million pounds this is totally unacceptable.

4000 Workers Injured Each Year In UK

The risk of emery cloths being pulled in to a rotating machine are well known so thankfully this type of accident is becoming rarer. In this instance Heinz clearly failed to assess the risks of the worker’s task and ensure adequate safety measures were implemented.
In the UK alone in excess of 4000 workers suffered serious injuries during the course of their employment. If you have become ill or injured during the course of your employment please contact us today to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist Employer’s Liability solicitor.
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