Helping the Foodbank

After receiving an email from The Food bank asking for help (See below) We just could not refuse. Express Solicitors and Stockport food bank have been working together for several years and They were the firms chosen Charity 2 years running. So, when we received this email we just dipped in the cash box and sent over £200 to match the £200 that a member of staff had collected. £400 in cash gives the foodbank a lot of options as they can go and purchase the items that are needed most.

Dear Friends

Recent press reports have been highlighting just how crucial the support offered by local Foodbanks is for many local families.

Over the summer holidays, when free school meals were ‘off the menu’, we experienced a large increase in the number of families needing our help – this was reflected not only in Stockport, but across many parts of the country

Linked with this is the fall in the level of donations due to people being on holiday as well as the ‘expected’ seasonal fall in food collections too.

At a time of unprecedented demand for the services of Stockport Foodbank, we do need emphasis just how important food donations are to the thousands of families in our community who live below the poverty thresholds.  Families where little spare food is in the cupboards, where parents try to juggle looking after their children with a part time job and the associated costs of child care, as well as the disabled and those with medical conditions who are severely restricted in accessing such services as the Foodbank.  Your help is vital to keep the flow of food parcels to those in need.

And then of course there’s the uncertainty of Brexit and how this will impact on jobs and income in the months to come.

In the last few weeks we have been thrilled to have received a number of large donations but this food has gone to our clients all too quickly and we are writing to see if you can help?

A number of organisations are helping the Foodbank with both periodic and regular collections, however might you be able to help us at this time?   Alternatively you may be willing to set up a permanent collection for the Foodbank, focusing on a small number of items at any one time?

Whatever you can do to help will be of great help to those in our community

With our thanks and best wishes


Nigel Tedford

Manager – Stockport Foodbank


T: 07483 115349



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