Hospital Visitors No Substitute For Trained Experts

The Royal College Of Nursing has suggested that hospital visiting hours should be increased encouraging patients’ relatives to take a more active role in their care ‘if that is what both the patient and family want’. Peter Carter head of the RCN cited the ‘real benefits’ patients enjoyed when family members helped with care.
I appreciate that for some categories of patients the elderly children for example hospital can be an intimidating and unsettling place. And the presence of a family member may be a real boon to a patient making them more comfortable. 

Average Visitors Not Qualified To Perform Tasks

But let’s not lose sight of that fact that the average hospital visitor is not a trained nurse and not qualified to undertake care duties without proper training. Any help should be crucially alongside professional NHS care and not instead of it.
I can’t help but feel the RCN’s suggestions highlight the inadequacy of UK hospital care. Too often we have reports of pensioners dying of malnutrition or dehydration and of nurses so overstretched that they neglect the care of the very old and unwell. With an ageing population and chronic underfunding of the health service this can only get worse.

NHS Reforms And Funding Boosts Key To Improvements

The problem cannot and should not be solved by roping in patients’ families to perform tasks that our marvellous nurses could do themselves if only they had adequate strength in numbers and resources. Only NHS reform and increased funding and alleviate the current problems of the NHS.
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