Injured Child Receives 6,700 Pounds After Holiday Accident

Any serious personal injury can be distressing and problematic for an individual as by nature they involve pain and suffering often combined with a period of absence from work. The same injury to a minor can be particularly distressing however.
Depending on the child’s age they may not be able to comprehend that the pain is temporary and they will eventually feel better despite reassurances from doting parents. Trips to the hospital and doctors can also be a daunting experience for youngsters and they miss out on school football playgroups and other things children enjoy.

Holiday Turns Sour After Child Involved In Accident

While there is no real hierarchy of where and when is worst for a child to have an accident during a family holiday must surely rank somewhere towards the top (worst). One recent case of mine involved a family from Surrey who were holidaying in South Devon.
What should have been a relaxing break was ruined when their nine year old son sustained a nasty set of injuries in an accident with a glass door situated in a poorly lit area of the complex that they were staying at. The poor boy hit the French doors so hard that the large glass pane smashed. More pertinent for my client were the serious lacerations he sustained to his legs which will leave permanent scars. He also suffered small lacerations his face thankfully these have healed.

Injury To Child Could Have Been Avoided

I’m pleased that we secured our client a sum of 6700 pounds which will remain in a trust fund until the boy turns eighteen years of age. However despite the fair compensation award it must frustrate the family that the child’s injury was entirely preventable had the complex management installed the correct lighting and/or signage (the doors had been open all day and children had been freely running through them prior to the accident).
If your child has been involved in an accident either at school on holiday or in any public place please contact us today to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist Child Injuries Solicitor.
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