Law Society Launches ‘Use a Professional. Use a Solicitor’ Campaign

Yesterday the Law Society launched its consumer campaign, reminding the public to use a solicitor for legal advice instead of unregulated providers.

The campaign – ‘Use a Professional. Use a Solicitor’ – encourages people to tap into the expert knowledge of regulated and insured Law Society members, whether they are buying a house, going through a divorce or setting up a business.

Andrew Caplen, Law Society president, said: “Our latest campaign reminds the public that highly-qualified, professionally-trained solicitors are the best people to speak to for legal advice.

“Using a solicitor gives you the assurance you are dealing with a professional who is properly regulated and insured.

“The growth of unregulated and do-it-yourself legal services means consumers are exposed to non-professional advice, which can be more of a hindrance than a help.”

The campaign focuses on six areas of law:

  • Conveyancing
  • Personal injury
  • Wills and probate
  • Business law
  • Family law
  • Criminal law

Case studies for some of these areas, from across England & Wales, will be featured to illustrate the benefits of using a solicitor. Andrew Caplen added: “The campaign reinforces solicitors as the go-to experts when people are seeking legal advice on house purchases, will writing or establishing a new business, and directs people to the Find a Solicitor service on the Law Society website.”

The creative and highly visual campaign – which includes online media such as ITV Player, railway station adverts, and bus adverts – will run until early next year. Law Society members will be able to use images from the campaign to produce their own marketing materials. Members are also encouraged to provide case studies of how they’ve assisted clients in the six areas of law.

The Find a Solicitor website helps people search a database of nearly 140,000 legal professionals across England and Wales. The service is available here:

To find out more about the Law Society and how a solicitor can help you, visit:

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