Legal Pride Parade Manchester 2019

A number of staff members from a variety of departments attended the Legal Pride Parade at Manchester Pride 2019.legalpride-0770

Carolyn Mercer (NCT), Alex Foster (OL/PL), Charly Allan (OL/PL), Emma Barnard (Clin Neg), Hobson Liabunya (RTA) and Laura Lofthouse (EL) attended the march on Saturday 24th August 2019, to show their support to the LGBTQ+ community and spread the message that ‘all are equal in the law.’legalpride-0771

This year’s parade theme was the LGBTQ+ community in the future. Those attending the parade were invited to “fast forward 50, 100 or even 200 years and envisage what the world could be like at this time.” The team completed the hour and a half long march for equality amongst 10,000 LGBTQ+ supporters, setting off along Deansgate and finishing at legalpride-0846Fairfield Street.”


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