Legislation Can’t Come Soon Enough For Allergy Sufferers

Food allergies are affecting a growing number of children and adults. Those affected must carefully read food labels and menus to ensure that they aren’t at risk of eating something which may cause an allergic reaction. While many food companies are careful about labeling potential allergens in their products there is still room for improvement particularly in the restaurant industry in relation to nut products.

Man Admitted To Hospital After Allergic Reaction

A client of mine thought he was on safe ground when ordering from a restaurant because the menu appeared to helpfully denote which dishes contained nuts and which did not. Or so he thought until upon tasting her korma dish she became very ill. Whoever compiled the menu was clearly not thorough leading to my client having a serious allergic reaction. He was admitted to hospital and was treated with steroids and antihistamines before being released several days later.

Legislation Imminent Regarding Allergen Information

New legislation to enforce restaurants to state on their menus exactly which dishes contain nuts is in the pipeline. For the many thousands of UK citizens who suffer from a nut allergy this can’t come soon enough as a misstep when ordering can result in a nasty allergic reaction. Swelling rashes coughing and wheezing are common reactions but more serious reactions can cause low blood pressure racing heart rate and fainting.
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