Policy Of Switching Off Street Lights Is Questionable

In a bid to save cash nearly one in ten of Britain’s street lights are either dimmed or switched off completely when night falls. Several councils up and down the land are either trialling a scheme or have implemented a policy which they hope will save public money and on energy bills amid widespread public spending cuts.
This trend will no doubt please environmentalists too as it should help reduce the nation’s carbon footprint and cut light pollution in densely populated areas. But at what cost?

Switching Off Street Lamps May Make Streets Less Safe

We have always been told to park our cars in welllit areas and if on foot to use welllit footpaths to reduce the risk of crime. Surely switching these lights off will make our streets less safe?
Working in Express Solicitors’ Road Traffic Accident division I am well aware that the likelihood of a car accident increases once night falls. A driver’s reaction time in the dark tends to be slower and stopping distances increase.

Addressing Pothole Epidemic Instead Would Prevent Accidents

According to the Telegraph local authorities stand to save around 20million pounds a year by switching off 9% of lights yet the schemes will cost more than 100million pounds to implement. So with a cost five times the price of the yearly saving councils will not see the benefits for six or seven years.
A better use of public money would be investment in roads by addressing the chronic pothole problem on our roads as they are a menace which cause accidents and car damage. As the winter ice arrives we’ll see more and more potholes crack open and a more thorough approach to fixing these would undoubtedly prevent accidents and injuries.
If you have been involved in a road traffic accident that was not your fault please contact us today to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist Road Traffic Accident Solicitor.
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