Saferider Innovations Aim To Increase Motorbike Safety

Mira (formerly known as the Motor Industry Research Association) has been testing Saferider systems as they are to be known looking at ways of adapting the safety systems that come as standard in many cars to the unique needs of motorcycle riders. Car drivers have long benefitted from intelligent safety features which can warn of speed limits accident hotspots and to warn of when they get too close to other road users.

Saferider Systems Should Be Available Within Two Years

Saferider systems expected to be on motorbikes within eighteen months to two years will include warnings of speed limits tightness of road bends and information to aid lanechanging.
Collision sensors will warn of imminent impact giving the rider the best possible chance of avoiding death or injury.  Also cameras and mirrors in and around the riders helmet will help improve visibility.
One difficulty is that riders cannot view instruments on their handlebars as easily as car drivers can view theirs on a dashboard. To get around this haptic (sense of touch) and vibrating items of the bike and motorcyclists kit will be used to communicate messages.

Motorcyclists In High Risk Category

Any technological developments to improve motorcyclists’ safety is to be applauded as they are in a highrisk category. In fact it is the only mode of transport that is currently seeing a rise in the number of fatalities and statistics gathered by Mira suggest around 22% of road deaths involve motorcyclists.
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