Shocking NHS Treatment Exposed In Damning Patient Stories Report

The fourth annual ‘Patient Stories’ report has been published by the Patients Association charity. The report exposes ‘shocking’ treatment in NHS hospitals and it reveals failings in NHS care whereby patients were ‘treated worse than animals’.

The Patients Association charity is an organisation that advocates “greater and equitable access to high quality information for patients, and greater and equitable access to high quality care”. The charity’s ‘Patient Stories’ report highlights 12 cases where patients received unacceptable and appalling care from the NHS.

A few of the examples in the report include:

  • A woman who was admitted to hospital and developed postoperative sepsis. She was unhappy with the level of communication between staff during her stay as well as the lack of attention to detail, which almost led to her being given a drug she was allergic to.
  • A 74 year old man who had dementia escaped from the hospital where he was being treated, despite supposed regular checks. He had escaped twice before in an attempt to get home to his wife. Unfortunately on the third occasion he was later found to have drowned in a nearby river.
  • A 15 year old girl who was admitted to hospital with a severe asthma attack. Nurses didn’t know how to conduct CPR and panicked calling out to senior medics to ask what to do. The girl died 3 days later as the girl suffered brain damage due to a lack of oxygen.

The Patients Association helpline manager commented: “It is easy to read these accounts and dismiss them as 13 isolated instances of poor care, but this is the fourth consecutive year that we have published Patient Stories.”

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