Silverstone Launches Motorcycle Safety Program

Nice to see Silverstone the race track known for its exhilarating speeds and dramatic action has recently turned its attention to the more prosaic matter of road safety for motorcyclists.

Motorcyclists At High Risk Of Fatality On Roads

A matter well deserving of attention I’m sure you’d agree given that motorcyclists account for around 19% of all road deaths in the UK. This is despite only forming 15% of all traffic so bikers are firmly established in a highrisk category.
The Rookie Ride Experience gives new riders be they child or adult a chance to ride Yamaha scooters which pack a modest 50cc engine.  Starting off at slow speeds in order to master the basics the riders will be able to learn the basics of control acceleration and deceleration on what is essentially a vast car park before moving on to a move challenging course. For just 50 pounds an hour they can ride these machines in as safe an environment a rookie rider would wish to ride in with expert advice and instruction from staff.

Silverstone Safety Program A Safe Way To Learn

Far safer in my opinion than mindlessly tearing around a dark field on a friend’s motorbike with no accredited supervision or safety checks. This is how many a teenager might get their first taste of handling a twowheeler so the more schemes like the Silverstone one that are available the better.
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