Supervision Crucial In Securing Safe Environment In Class

The tricky issue of supervision came up recently in relation to a new client of mine who suffered an injury during a woodwork class at school. The fourteen year old boy’s parents instructed Express Solicitors to make a claim for damages after he lost the edge of one of his fingers in an accident with a power sander.

Lack Of Supervision In Woodwork Class Leads To Injury

It was an excruciatingly painful injury and the unlucky lad now has to come to terms with having a disfigured finger for the rest of his life. His parents were rightly aggrieved at the lack of supervision in the woodwork class.
While a hands off ‘leave them to their own devices’ approach is fine for maths English and business studies classes careful supervision is crucial for a safe environment in the more physical lessons like woodwork.
Furthermore it transpired that the school was negligent in other regards as they failed to follow regulations regarding guards which were not fitted properly to the power sanders. We expect to secure a fair compensation settlement for the boy and his family.

Individuals Can Claim Rightful Compensation If Poor Supervision Causes Accident

Lack of supervision can cause accidents in other situations also with injuries in school playgrounds during school swimming lessons and during sports lessons unfortunately all too common. Sadly many of these would be easily preventable were the children intelligently supervised during the activity.
If your child has sustained personal injuries in an accident caused due to poor supervision please contact us today to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist Child Injuries Solicitor.
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