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Much has been made of Ken Clarke’s proposed cuts to legal aid and how they will reduce access to justice for many people. I recently blogged on this topic explaining how the cuts in legal aid will mean only the very wealthy in society will be able to seek compensation in complex cases such as medical negligence.

Proposed Cuts To Legal Aid Worrying

If you believe that it is right for all members of our society to have access to justice then I urge you to Sound Off For Justice. That’s the name of a new campaign initiated by the Law Society which aims to challenge the proposals.

Many Ways To Sound Off For Justice

You can do this by signing their petition to Ken Clarke or by literally making your voice heard by leaving the justice secretary an online voicemail. Show your support by ‘liking’ the campaign on Facebook or by following @soundoffjustice on Twitter like I have myself.
By Sounding Off For Justice we can show the government how strongly we feel that access to justice should be protected for everyone and not just privileged members of society. Thousands of those affected by the cuts individuals and organisations in the legal professions and those with simply a passing concern for the rights of all are getting behind the campaign and I urge you to do the same.
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