The Times Safe Cycling Campaign Prompts Parliament Debate

The Times launched its ‘Safe Cycling’ campaign last week and since then it’s gone from strength to strength. Inspired by the Cities Fit For Cycling manifesto as of today more than 22000 people have signed up to the campaign calling for safer cycling.
These voices have been joined by many high profile individuals who have lent their support to the broadsheet newspaper’s campaign. They include numerous figures involved in professional cycling as well as politicians musicians and celebrities who have an interest in twowheeled transportation. 

The Times Safe Cycling Campaign Secures Commons Debate

MPs have now scheduled a three hour debate in parliament discussing the issue. This is only the beginning but it suggests the campaign could be influential in revolutionising cycling conditions in the UK. Government ministers will be present on 23rd February and The Times’ suggested measure for improving cycle safety will be high on the agenda.
Less than six weeks into the 2012 and already thirteen cyclists have been killed on British roads. Rising fuel prices car insurance premiums health and environmental factors have all contributed to more and more people cycling but the premise that ‘more people are having accidents because there are more cyclists’ is simply unacceptable to me.
Paris for example has faster roads a larger cycle hire scheme and more tourists yet last year not a single cyclist was killed on its roads. Not one. And the Netherlands famously procycling culture has ensured 29000km of cycle tracks has brought their casualty rate down to an admirable level.

Need To Encourage MPs To Do More For Cycle Safety

Pleasingly the Department for Transport yesterday pledged 7million pounds to the Cycle Rail Working Group and a further 8million pounds to Sustrans a transport charity. Yet in light of a big cycling boom and worrying fatality statistics more funding and a change in attitude is required. 
There is just over a fortnight to contact your MP and implore them to attend the cycle safety debate on 23rd February. Find your local MP here and drop them a line.
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