Unhappy Campers – Injuries whilst Camping in the UK

The British Summer is finally upon us making it the perfect time to take a camping trip in England and Wales. So for those of you who are choosing to channel your inner Ray Mears this summer it is always important to know where you stand should an accident occur.

One of the key questions in any Occupier’s Liability case is who is liable for the premises on which an accident happens. This may seem a relatively straightforward question of who owns the land if you are staying on a campsite. However, campsite owners do not necessarily own the land they are on, which can lead to problems when trying to attribute liability to a party. For example, festival organisers may rent land on a short term basis from a landowner; equally a landowner may choose to open their land to campers on a seasonal basis.

Determining who owns the land is simply one piece of the puzzle when looking at liability. In those cases where there may potentially be more than one party involved in the ownership and running of a campsite, it is important to know who is responsible for the day-to-day management of a site. Systems of inspection and maintenance should be in place to ensure that you are able to enjoy your hard earned time off, safe in the knowledge that measures are in place to not put you under any undue risk.

If you do unfortunately suffer an injury whilst on a campsite, be sure to speak to a member of staff on site and make sure the accident is documented in an accident book. The campsite should be under a duty to purchase public liability insurance to cover accidents on the premises; and maintenance and safety checks should be carried out regularly at any onsite facilities or electrical points.

It is always recommended that when considering a camping holiday in the UK that you make enquiries to stay at a reputable campsite. Some may choose to pitch their tents further off the beaten track, away from established campsites. This is not recommended as pursuing Occupier’s Liability in these scenarios may prove more difficult as the owner may not be under a duty to carry out thorough risk assessments on their premises.

So before embarking on your camping holiday this summer always remember to consider the risks presented by camping. For those who prefer more extreme outdoor pursuits it is always worth considering taking out tailored insurance in advance of your holiday to cover hazards where the question of liability may prove to be more troublesome.

If you have been injured in a camping accident then Express Solicitors may be able to help. Express Solicitors have specialists in Holiday claims and Occupier’s Liability claims who will advise you on your potential claim, we operate under a No Win, No Fee agreement with nothing to pay if your compensation claim, through no fault of your own, is unsuccessful.

If you have suffered injury as a result of the above please do not delay, call today for free on 0845 456 4007 to speak to our Occupier’s Liability team or contact us online.

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