Unwelcome Reforms Postponed, But Need To Keep Pressure On

Fantastic to hear that the government is delaying implementation of its civil litigation reforms with the Legal Aid Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill now not set for implementation until April 2013 at the very earliest.
Along with many other independent Personal Injury Law firms Express Solicitors has got behind the campaign opposing the reforms as the proposals will mean only the privileged few will be able to seek compensation due to the financial risk placed upon the claimant.

Reforms Of Legal Aid Will Discriminate Against People Of Ordinary Means

The attempt to abolish conditional fee agreements or ‘no win no fee’ agreements in many instances is deeply worrying. Individuals who have suffered horrific injuries  the victims of serious Medical Negligence for example will find it very difficult to claim unless they happen to be very very wealthy. 
Our gut feeling is that the calls for these reforms are based on a misconception that Personal Injury claims are spiralling out of control a myth pedalled by the insurance industry as they try to justify constantly increasing premium charges. Statistics show that this is simply not true: claims figures have remained pretty constant in recent years.
While we welcome the delay in implementing the reforms it’s crucial that we do all we can to ensure that it is not merely a stay of execution and that these reforms can be blocked indefinitely.

Support the Access To Justice Action Group Opposing Legal Aid Reforms

The laudable Access To Justice Action Group (AJAG) have garnered support from politicians legal professionals and victims charities anyone cares about justice really to help lobby the powers that be. There is an online petition on the AJAG website as well as a facility to help email your local MP.
I urge you to get behind the campaign and do both making as much noise as possible thus forcing the government to reconsider. The seriousness of the implications of these reforms simply cannot be overstated.
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