As Ms Shah entered the store she slipped on a wet floor, falling onto her side and banging her head. Ms Shah was shocked and in pain but managed to report her accident to a member of staff before she left the store.

Ms Shah contacted Express Solicitors within a few months of her accident. We listened carefully to her account of what had happened and the injuries she was suffering with: injuries to her back and leg as well as an injury to her head and ongoing headaches. We submitted her claim to the Defendant and shortly afterwards received an admission of liability.

The Defendant also made a ‘pre-medical offer’ to Ms Shah in the sum of £1,250.00 to try to tempt Ms Shah into settling the claim quickly without undergoing any proper investigations into her injuries. At Express Solicitors, it is our main priority to make sure that every client is properly compensated for all of the injuries that they have suffered. We recognised that, particularly having suffered a head injury, Ms Shah’s injuries were likely to be worth well in excess of the Defendant’s offer.

Following our advice, Ms Shah sensibly opted to undergo a consultation with a medical expert to make sure that her injuries were properly dealt with. We arranged for Ms Shah to be examined by a Consultant in
Accident and Emergency Medicine, who concluded that her back and leg injuries would take just over a year to fully resolve. In order to make sure that Ms Shah had an expert opinion relating to all of her injuries, we also arranged for her to see a Consultant Neurologist and Psychologist. They assessed her head injuries and considered the mental effects which such a nasty accident had had.

When the Neurologist was only able to confirm that the accident had caused 3 months’ worth of the ongoing headaches Ms Shah was suffering with, we revisited the evidence. A further consultation with the Psychologist was arranged in an effort to get some answers for Ms Shah. It was established that the psychological effects of the accident were also having a physical effect and contributing to the headaches which Ms Shah was experiencing, almost 3 years later. Now that we had finalised this evidence, we could make sure that Ms Shah was properly compensated for all of the problems she had experienced.

After their first offer of £1,250.00 the Defendant was initially reluctant to offer a fair amount. However following some thorough negotiations we were ultimately able to recover £13,123.64 for Ms Shah.

Ms Shah was very grateful for all of the support and guidance offered throughout her case and appreciated the time we had taken to listen to her concerns.