Woman’s Cruise Ship Deck Slip Claim Wins £70,000

Susan Richards was on the cruise of a lifetime when a nasty accident left her with a painful fractured vertebrae and broken wrist requiring surgery. Mrs Richards from Stoke-On-Trent, was walking along the promenade deck on the starboard side of the Queen Victoria Cunard ship when she slipped on the wet decking, falling backwards. She had walked past a ‘wet floor’ sign at the other end of the boat but was unaware of the slippery surface toward the other end of the promenade.  The deck had been wet all over on the day, almost like a spray but with no larger puddles, and Mrs Richards had not been running at the time of the accident.

The decking was lino style plank opposed to wooden and it was not very absorbent. It may have rained overnight and consequently made the promenade extremely slippery yet there were only a handful of ‘wet floor’ signs at just one end of the decking. As Mrs Richards fell backwards at the time of the slip she put out her left arm almost as a reflex to save herself and try to gain balance again. However, unfortunately this broke her left wrist which required surgery once she returned back home to the UK. Mrs Richards also fractured the vertebrate in her lumber spine, yet she did not learn about this until much later.

Mrs Richards’ husband went to get assistance at this point and returned with a nurse and a medic that worked on board the ship. They X-rayed her wrist but not her spine and failed to take her blood pressure readings. Mrs Robinson claimed that she almost fainted with the pain, so they gave her morphine and oxygen to try and combat this.

Due to her serious long term health repercussions and through the hard work carried out by Express Solicitors, Mrs Richards was awarded £70,000 for her injury. The cruise ship company had ultimately failed in their duty to protect their customers by placing an inadequate amount of ‘wet floor’ signs on the decking. Through no fault of her own Mrs Richards sustained painful injuries that have required surgery and had to cut short her once in a lifetime trip.

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