If you’ve had an accident at work and you do not think the accident was your fault you may be entitled to claim compensation for the loss you have suffered. Work accidents can cause physical and psychological injuries and financial loss.

You shouldn’t feel uncomfortable making a claim against your employer and seeking compensation as it is your right to do so.

Temporary and agency workers have the same rights to pursue a claim for compensation against their employer. Regardless of the type of employment contract you have, all employees are protected by the same health and safety regulations in the workplace.

By law every employer is required to have valid insurance in place to cover any claims made by employees following an accident whilst at work. If your claim is successful and you are awarded compensation this will be paid by your employer’s insurance company and not directly by your employer.

If you have an accident at work, you should report it to your employer as soon as possible and make sure they record it in the accident book. If they don’t do this or there isn’t an accident book, then write down the details of your accident and send it to your manager and keep a copy yourself.  If you are not well enough to report your accident because of your injuries, then ask someone else to do it for you.

Record as much information as you can about your injury and how your accident happened, taking photographs of your injuries and the accident scene if possible. Record the names of any witnesses to your accident or witnesses who can comment upon the cause of your accident and/or working practices. The more evidence like this the higher your chances of succeeding with your claim.

You should make an appointment to see your GP even if your injury doesn’t seem serious at first as they can record the medical details of your accident. Medical notes will be important evidence in support of your claim and will be useful if you want to claim Industrial Injuries Benefit.

The purpose of compensation in accident at work claim is to put you back in the position you would have been in had your accident not happened.

If your claim is successful you will be awarded compensation for the physical and/or psychological symptoms you have suffered.

You can also claim for financial losses and these are intended to compensate you for any financial cost your injury has caused you. You should therefore keep records of any expenses you have incurred.

If you have lost pay as a result of your accident you should be able to recover all the pay you have lost. You should get Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) during your absence from work. Your contract of employment might also entitle you to company sick pay.

You can claim for care and assistance provided to you by family and friends as a result of your injuries; travel expenses going to and from the hospital and GP surgery. In addition, you can claim for any medical treatment you have paid for such as physiotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and osteopathic treatment for example.  Also, you can claim for the cost of painkillers and prescription charges.

If you have had an accident at work and you do not believe you are to blame, then contact us for a free consultation with no pressure or obligation to proceed any further.


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